Sunrise High Seniors Attend College Fair

Students Seeks College Opportunities

Focused on student achievement, high school graduation, college, and ultimately a meaningful role in society – Sunrise High School in Ft. Lauderdale brought a number of its seniors to the College Fair, held at Nova University last week.

The students, and their parents, were provided an excellent opportunity to explore options for post-secondary and higher education, and learn about financial aid and admission requirements. Representatives from more than 125 colleges, universities, technical schools and all branches of the U.S. military were present to share information and answer questions about their institutions. Participants were also able to attend workshops on finding money for college and navigating the college admissions process.


Main Street High Receives Florida School Recognition Award

Recognition Based on School Performance


Main Street High School in Kissimmee, Florida has received a financial award from the Florida Department of Education’s “School Recognition Program.”  This award is based on a school’s ability to: sustain high performance, make excellent progress, demonstrate exemplary improvement due to innovation and effort, or by improving more than one letter grade and sustaining the improvement the following school year.

Main Street High School received the state’s highest rating of “Commendable”, along with Andrews High School in Pompano Beach, and Chambers High School in Homestead.

Mrs. Tiffany Ward, Principal of Main Street High said, “I am very proud of our team. They did an outstanding job. Hopefully, this will be the motivation for this school year too.”

Schools selected for “School Recognition Awards” receive financial awards depending on the availability of funds appropriated and the number and size of schools selected to receive an award. According to Florida state law, school recognition awards must be used for the following: Nonrecurring bonuses to the faculty and staff; Nonrecurring expenditures for educational equipment or materials to assist in maintaining and improving student performance; or temporary personnel for the school to assist in maintaining and improving student performance.



Class of 2017 Student Profiles

Students who overcame significant life challenges to complete their education and earn a high school diploma

These are profiles of students who overcame significant life challenges to complete their education and earn a high school diploma as a member of the Class of 2017 from an EdisonLearning network school.


Zhanae Hopkins: Chicago Roseland Bridgescape Graduate

In moving from the west coast to Chicago, Zhanae Hopkins not only relocated physically – she did mentally as well.  When Zhanae enrolled at the Bridgescape Roseland campus, she had already made up her mind that she could finish – and clearly displayed the determination that she would finish, and earn her diploma.

Zhanae’s family played an important role in her academic success, in addition to the Roseland teachers and staff.  Together, they provided Zhanae the solid support and encouragement to come to school each day, to learn, and succeed.

Not only did Zhanae graduate and was an “Achievement Award” winner -- she completed EVERY course with an “A”.  Zhanae was committed that she would not settle for anything less.


Trevon Thurman: Chicago Roseland Bridgescape Graduate

Trevon Thurman was a student who never was able to get motivated to attend school or work to his potential. He had no hopes of graduating this school year. He was lacked determination and commitment.

After having a conversation with the counselor and program director at the Chicago Roseland Bridgescape Academy, Trevon was provided a detailed analysis of his Individualized Success Plan.  With a clear path for success laid in front of him, Trevon was able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Once he saw that light - a fire was lit.

Trevon dedicated himself to his education, knowing that if he put his mind, heart, and soul into it, all things were possible. His diligence and focus paid off.  He was a “Bridgescape Achievement Award” winner, and a Class of 2017 graduate.  As a result, Trevon realizes that he has a bright future, and looks forward to continuing his educational journey.


Class of 2017 Student Profiles

Students who overcame significant life challenges to complete their education and earn a high school diploma

These are profiles of students who overcame significant life challenges to complete their education and earn a high school diploma as a member of the Class of 2017 from an EdisonLearning network school.


Carl Velez: Chicago Brainerd Bridgescape Graduate

Carl Velez came to Englewood Bridgescape Academy (later transferred to Brainerd) from a traditional Chicago high school because he felt disconnected and the discipline structure was too harsh. He was about to drop out but he learned about Bridgescape from a close friend.

At Bridgescape, Carl felt at “home”. The teachers wanted him to be there, and they showed him that they had a personal investment in his future. Carl liked the structure of the program, as it allowed him to focus on one class at a time; and appreciated that teachers were always available to support him through one-on-one tutoring and in small group instruction.

The Bridgescape team consistently inspired him and encouraged him to persevere, knowing that he was a caregiver to his mother who faced a major health challenge. Due to the challenges he faced, more than once, Carl wanted to give up and drop out.

Yet, as he said, “Ms. Battle pushed me every day to work hard. When she showed me that she cared, it made me want to come to school every day”.  Carl made a promise to his mother that he would finish high school.  Sadly, Carl’s mother passed right before Mother’s Day.

As an extra incentive and encouragement, Mr. Ernest Williams, Program/Student Success Director, promised to buy Carl’s tux for the prom. With all that was going on he did not even think that he was able to go to prom.

In order to complete his course work, Carl worked at school during the day and from home in the evening. A few weeks before graduation, Carl successfully finished all of his course work and graduation requirements. He was able to finally relax and enjoy his senior prom.

As he walked across the stage at commencement, as an “Achievement Award” winner, Carl realized that he had fulfilled the promise to his mother. He knew that his mother was embracing him, and proud of him.

Carl is truly thankful for the commitment to his education shown by the entire Bridgescape team. Carl plans to work this summer and enroll in a post-secondary program this coming fall.

Going forward, the teachers and staff at the Brainerd Bridgescape look to remain connected with Carl, and to ensure that he is supported throughout his future educational endeavors. 


Mariah Gonzalez: Chicago Humboldt Park Bridgescape Graduate

Mariah Gonzalez had been a student at the Bridgescape Learning Academy Humboldt Park campus for nearly 3 years. She was classified as a sophomore at the end of last year. This year, however, Mariah came with a change of heart, and a new sense of purpose and commitment to her education. She set a goal for herself to graduate by her 18th birthday. She also wrote herself a letter, and recited the letter to the staff and students on a regular basis to share with them her rededication to learning and achieving. Most obvious of all, Mariah started attending both morning and afternoon sessions. Finding a Spanish class extremely difficult, Mariah would go into the hallway to record her lessons daily. At that time, she would past by the program director’s office and reminded the PD of her goal. She was determined, dedicated and unstoppable.

Mariah’s hard work and perseverance paid off when she was presented her high diploma on June 13, and was awarded $60,000 in scholarships to continue her educational journey.  In addition to achieving her own goal, Mariah served as a model for other students, by proving to them that every student can learn and succeed.


Florida Schools Receive Strong Ratings

Five of the six EdisonLearning/Mavericks schools receive highest or mid-range ratings

The Florida State Department of Education has released its 2016-17 ratings for all of the public schools in the state, and five of the six EdisonLearning/Mavericks schools received the highest or mid-range ratings.

Unlike many other states, Florida law provides specific school improvement ratings for alternative schools that provide dropout prevention and academic intervention services.  Instead of a standard letter grade, alternative schools may elect to receive a school improvement rating in lieu of a grade. The school improvement rating identifies schools as having one of the following ratings defined according to rules of the State Board of Education: “Commendable”, “Improving”, “Maintaining”, “Declining”, and “Unsatisfactory”.

The school improvement ratings are based on learning gains comparisons between the current and prior year. The percentage of students making learning gains at the school are compared to the percentage of students (from the same population) making learning gains in the prior year.

Andrews High School in Pompano Beach, Chambers High School in Homestead, and Main Street High School in Kissimmee all received the highest rating of “Commendable”.  Mavericks High in North Miami, and Mavericks High in Palm Springs both received a rating of “Maintaining”.